Lonate Pozzolo is a town located in the province of Varese. HavingĀ 10,958 population and boasting as the 938th largest city in Italy. The ares of this city is 29 kmĀ². This is one of the places you’ll love to visit.
According to a research this place is highly industrialize as they boast many industries ranging from textile to metallurgical.

It’s terrain is very flat so you can drive to your work in due time. People here celebrate many traditional festivals, they offer a lot to one another as a local community and they offer much more to their visitors and guest especially on festivals. Their festival is the patron saint’s day. They celebrate it at that very day and end up finishing the festival by sharing the flavor of Lonato Pozzalo food with the use of food stands.

If you wish to visit this place and you came from the mainland Italy the distance that will be covered is Six hundred Kilometers (630Km) and will cost you around six (6) hours drive via A1 or E35.

Some of the most anticipated festivals of Lonate Pozzolo is the Spring festival which is celebrated between May and June.

As Italy boast the 3rd highest economy in Europe zone, Lonate Pozzolo one its cities will surely give you an electrifying and ecstatic feeling when you visit. This page will talk more about Lonate Pozzolo places to visit and it’s history.